A four hour work week. 

Start a business and run it on auto pilot…

Become a celebrity overnight and everyone will love me….

Commit to a relationship and be a cheater on the side….

These are a few of the lies i once heard and got caught up in…..

I saw what was popular on social media and within my community and decided that’s what I wanted. 

I chased and have achieved a lot of meaningless things. 

No one ever came to me and said Cyrus, what code do you live by? What are your morals?

Yea I grew up in church, but how real to me were those teachings? If someone saw my life they would not be able to clearly see I take those things seriously. If at all. This was a problem.

I sought technical skills and knowledge to compensate for my inability to clearly show the blessings I have. 

This didn’t work. 

In essence was the cheapest E class Mercedes joy riding around the city with a tank on E and putting in $5 each time just to get to a destination.  Lol

I figured it out though. 

Here’s the secret..

Well there’s 2. 

No there’s 1 with 2 parts. 

Part 1: You have to declare your own set of values, PUBLICLY. 

Part 2: You have to take these values and transmute (turn them into) symbols. 

I know part 2 made it kinda weird but stay with me here dawg. 

Why do companies have logos? 

Why do countries, states, and even cities have flags?

What are we fukin living in some knighthood era with kings, queens and castles..

Well yes. 

Back in the day when you ran up on another country, city or EVEN FAMILY they had a flag flying outside of the property

That flag let you know what they did as a profession, values etc. 

I was TAUGHT all of the correct values by my parents and sports. I learned to apply a lot of them merely by peer pressure and wanting to be the best at what I was doing. 

But once I got out of those circles and situations I no longer applied ANY values because I NEVER DECIDED WHAT ONES MATTERED TO ME. 

Praise the lord I figured it out. 

The lies and empty bastard lifestyle choices I made at the beginning of this post were made because I had no PUBLICLY STATED VALUES IN SYMBOL FORM. 

In moments of weakness you need to see what YOU STAND FOR. 

When people are deciding to be your friend or work with your business, THEY NEED TO SEE WHAT YOU STAND FOR. 

If you want to get into a relationship with someone, they need to see what you stand for. 

I could go on. 

To make a long story short I’ll post these and you can easily tell me the values of what these things are supposed to stand for: 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️🏳️

Since this is my damn website here are my values:

WAR : most people don’t understand they are in a war. It may be to achieve specific goals you have, to lose weight, or to change your situation. But by not calling it a war, and just having it labeled as a problem, most people will never understand the importance of solving the problems and will not devote enough focus and resources to ever solve it. Bonus: I call and label my big problems in my life wars because they can eventually kill you, by taking over your life and all of your happiness. 

DISCIPLINE: When you have a huge life problem labeled as a war properly, you can now start to fight it. You’re going to suck at first, you’re not going to want to do it at first, but if you can somehow conquer the beginning stages of being horrible at something and losing against the enemy, you can eventually grow, and maybe win the war, yes even if its against your lower self. 

ART: To me art is the manifestation of discipline, somebody has taken something and has put so much work into it they now are at a high level. 

ABUNDANCE: if somebody continues the discipline as is it becomes art, a magical thing happen, they can actually start to abuse the skill that they have. Though it sounds bad, this is actually a good thing. They got so good at whatever it is that they do, they can start, change or stop it at any time. 

Rising through these levels and taking on life in this fashion embodies what I value the most.  I’ve had to work for a lot, and my life is a story of being able to create abundance if you choose. 

What about the symbols?!

Well here you go:

I’ll break down the parts of it so that you can see how it relates to my core values. 

The angels with trumpets: My middle name is ONUCHE, that means messenger of good news. I am in advertising and I am quite literally in the business of bringing good news to people. I’ve always had a love for understanding advertising in popular culture and music. 

The Nigerian and Arizona flag: One represents where my parents are from, and the other represents where I grew up. I’m so happy that I am an American and I did not grow up in Africa. Because of this I love the United States of America and I wish to go back and help people in Africa empower themselves to create better opportunities. I never will forget where I could just be in Nigeria chilling somewhere, doing who knows what. 

The white tiger: One in 10,000 tiger births result in a white tiger. Are used this to symbolize the rarity of me being an immigrant child that grew up in the inner city, but moved to a suburban area where I was exposed to people, and environment and culture of abundance. Luckily I was aware enough that I knew this was not a bad thing, I didn’t fall into the trap of thinking of the world hates me because of my skin color, and I did my best to maximize the opportunities that were presented to me to see a side of life very few people like me ever experience. 

The red background: I like the color red lol

The green grass : to symbolize sports, football and other sports are by far the best tools to prepare somebody for life and competition. I first manifested my power by working really hard and getting good on the field, I did this through high school and then again in college. Because I was always elite in sports I know I will be elite in business and marketing. Just give me some time..

The 4 thorned roses : represent my core values that I spoke about above, they have thorns on them to illustrate to myself that when you decide to go to war and you do not achieve the highest level it will come back to hurt you

Conclusion : as you can tell, I took a lot of time to actually think about this. This is been a process of months actually thinking about who I am and what I value. I am eternally grateful I did it, as it’s one of the first steps to find out if I’m on the correct path and if I’m happy for myself. Not what other people think I should be doing. 

I want to win the wars I have decided to fight in my life. 

Challenge: hopefully as you read this, you decided to do this for yourself, I do believe everybody should do this. If you do not do it you will be a floating bastard in a sea of other bastards. 

The outside world will be quickly able to make a decision whether or not they should align with you or run away from you. 

This is the greatest gift you can give the world, yourself and your community.