Working with new people can be a great, fun and smooth experience.

This is the system we use to stay on the same page. Working with new people does not have to be painful.

We classify the level of collaboration specific parts of building your brand.

Many times we have worked with clients and they wanted things that would not help them.

This happens when individuals don't have a track history together, or one party is unaware of the industry standard norms.

We want the best for our clients, and we want to keep our sanity.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your project or program, reach out to your program director and they can explain this system more. 


When this communication level is used we are basically saying "we are the professionals, we know how to get results." We do not take input from clients at this communication level. When the work is completed you may change or edit the work as you see fit.


When this communication level is used we want your input! We will combine your thoughts and outlook with what we have seen to have work in the past.


When this communication level is used its up to you what happens!