Problem: Right now on the Internet there are hundreds of thousands of people who are not successful in their own eyes or want to grow in some way. 

Solution: because they know the answer lies somewhere in others or outside of themselves they join networking sites such as LinkedIn, MeetUp, or sites like Bumble Bizz. 

AT FIRST its awesome because, everybody matches you so you get the mini dopamine spike of validation that other people want to connect with you in someway, but we all see it is usually a big fat waste of time. 

I recently found out about bumble bizz, and the same thing happened to me.

Was looking like a waste of time, so I decided to change that.

Yes had a few matches that were super aligned with my vision and I wrote those people specifically, but there was a ton of other people and matches that were cool people that we had nothing in common.

Problem #2: what do you do with all the people you encounter that you can’t really benefit from?

Solution: Answered below. 

I’ve noticed three major issues when it comes to these sites, I’ve been guilty of all three but hopefully this will make it clear for us to communicate and you could use it in your own life moving forward

1. You don’t know the definition of exchange

Exchange is when you give some thing, and then you get something in return. 

A simple example of this would be giving some money, let’s say three dollars in exchange for a loaf of bread. 

I’ll give you three dollars, I get back a loaf of bread. 

In business a lot of people are running around as a bank robber, but thinking they are an angel because they are trying to simply get the bread, and not give the three dollars. 

Even if it’s just likes and support and a follow, the people you care about the most in life give you the most in exchange of something, whether it be acknowledgment, time, communication, or yes even money. 

2. You aren’t being a human

If I ran up to you at work and I said give me $20, you would probably look at me like I was an idiot because I never provided something of value, and it’s out of context. 

There is no reality between the two parties on what you’re providing in exchange for cooperation. 

A lot of people on these networking sites never established that, and that’s one of the basic fundamentals of communication, having a base reality. 

Therefore, nothing ever gets accomplished.

3. Your product, service or presentation sucks

I love network marketing, it’s not for me, but this industry is the most notorious for this error. They teach there independent business owners that the company is the greatest thing ever, when actually the independent business owner is the greatest thing ever.

A company is made up of awesome people.

You dont own the company, fuck the company. The company is valuable to you, as long as you are valuable. If you dont exceed the value, it becomes an energy drain on you.

These fools are running around talking shit about how Amway (or any other networking company) is such a great company, when they don’t realize they are the ones that the potential client is interacting with and seeing.

People don’t even have a personal website communicating their story and what they want and they’re out here acting like somebody’s actually gonna listen to them, lol

4. Muthafukas need directions 

I hate to say it but if somebody wants me to take some sort of action and it’s a very hard thing to do, the likelihood of me doing it is ridiculously low.

I need to see what is going to be expected of me.

It lets me know whether or not I should invest my time energy effort and money and of course how much of that. 

You can make things way easier on yourself and others by clearly outlining the factors needed to proceed before you ever get started.    

(This is why I wrote this post) 


How me helping you accomplish your goals, is a win-win. 

1. Helping people is one of the wars I am fighting in my life

As a listed above, I understand the definition of exchange. You may not have thought or drawn the correlation between help and how rich you are, but earlier and I realize the more people I help the more money I make. 

I want to help 500, million people in my life, whether it be in exchange for money or simply acknowledging them or empowering them to have a better life. 

I see these networking apps as an opportunity to start on a local, or community level so let’s make it happen. 

2. I’ll ultimately win

Let’s say I help you get funding for your business, I’m definitely going to benefit from that.  

Or let’s say I become one of your clients, and I turn into a source of revenue for you for years to come, I’ll receive the benefits of your services and you’ll receive some money. 

Or let’s say we can’t work with each other at all, but you now know I exist, and I now know you exist, we both actually gain from that. Maybe, will run into somebody who would need each other services and will know exactly where to go. 

Who the fuk am I?

I’m Cyrus Igono, I’m 34 years old, soon to be 35.  (It seems like y2k was yesterday). 

I grew up skateboarding, and playing football. I played college football and I was pretty good at that. 

During an injury spell, a friend from my high school loaned me over $200,000 to start a business. At the young age of 20 years old I threw a concert with Lil Wayne to launch my clothing company. 

That process got me very very interested in advertising and mass communication. 

I’m looking to combine my skills in communication, advertising and my love of music to solve a super big problem that exists in the world today. 

In 2017, over 20 million Americans that identified themselves as musicians, in that same year only 1500 or so people made over $50,000 that year from music related income

How the fuck can that many people not know what to do, and be clueless. 

I created an organization ArtistsUpNext to help clean up that area of the world, I believe that the company will achieve its goals and it will have a ripple effect in society for years to come.  

What I am looking for

I’m looking to build a team of people that want to also solve this problem, become rich and be a part of a legacy that changes the world. 

Doing these sort of things where you attempt to lift an entire population of people is very hard, you come across a whole lot of barriers and obstacles, but I believe it will be ridiculously rewarding and lucrative. 

I specifically need help in these areas:

⁃ Social media

⁃ Sales

And if you’re further along in life, and you have money laying around, you can invest into a block of musician royalties that we work with from our distribution platform. 

We have multiple verified accounts from businesses, record labels and artists underneath our guidance, and using your funds to help with marketing can bring to you a residual payment for the rest of your life, and beyond. 

Let’s create shall we?

Write me back on whatever app we were communicating on and let me know specifically how I can help you and what that would entail, and if anything I wrote here is of interest to you let me know and let’s get on the phone and chat.

If you want, connect with me on instagram.