war. discipline. arts. abundance.

"magic" is the ability to think a thought and manifest it in reality.

i decided that i needed to be the example i was looking for.

No longer I accept the word "potential." I'm taking charge of my own story.

i can apply the technology to make any business owner money.

Your life now is a tv show. Everything you do can be turned into content to forward your mission. This brand was established to unlock that ability in competent business owners.

i am the force behind the next wave of great musicians.

In 2017, Over 20 million Americans alone identified themselves as musicians. Close to 1500 people claimed over $50,000 income in taxes that year as a musician. This is one of the biggest problems in the creative industry. How can over 20 million people not know what to do?  This is going to change!

my mission

1. EXCITE 500 million people to take action in life.

2. create a clear defined path for creatives to expand

3. get 1 million africans to complete study technology or administration training courses

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