In a class I took recently, we did an exercise to define the perfect partner. I figured I should just post it here, as im in ‘the market' lol – and i get asked the question alot!

* The only thing thats really a super non negotiable on this list is the spirituality part if it progressed to the point of children. Otherwise theres nothing more powerful than a woman that is clear in who she is. (that would override everything on this page)

This was an exercise, and key word is IDEAL, not perfect at the moment, BUT working towards it.

Height – 5’6 to 5’11

Weight – not too skinny – 140 to 180

Hair – red, blonde, or black

Look / style / fashion – not tied to anything, though I do have a soft spot for skate style, sports and high fashion

Fun – prefer a woman with defined hobbies. 

Politics – libertarian or moderate – both major political parties have flaws, there are more than two options and sets of belief. The hatred of others because of political affiliation is insane and is a major pitfall in society today and is a recipe for  overall unhappiness. People are overall good and mean well

Sex – it’s one on one interactive theatre between two people. It’s an area where you go to any lengths for your partner, it’s very important, but it’s not everything in a relationship. It’s an act. I do believe it’s important for it to happen quickly in the dating climate of today. 

Religion / spirituality – very spiritual, we are more than meat and bones. Without spirituality people do not take responsibility. I am not the biggest fan of religion, though I understand it brings order to peoples lives. 

Conflict – I value a direct or stable communication style with conflict. I do not like avoidance when it comes to conflict. 

Work – if she doesn’t love her work or is merely working current position to get to a better one it’s a no go for me. We spend 7/10 of life working, not loving what you do means that the stored and building displeasure will contaminate other areas of your life

Support – I believe you have to stand in the gap for another persons greatness when they don’t see it. It’s about holding each other to what we each say we want to be

Independence – it would awesome for both of us to stand on our own in many ways, but this is not always possible. I believe life is meant to be lived in groups, sometimes you need to depend on others. 

Trust / Honesty – I hate flakes

Kids – I want children. In a relationship you are creating together. After sometime it makes sense to continue to grow and create together by having children. 

Money – I plan to be extremely wealthy, life is more fun with time and financial ability. I wish to be with someone who believes the same. I’m not rich now but live a rich lifestyle. I travel, take trips and do it because it will be my normal life one day

Pride – this is extremely important to me. You name has to mean something and that starts with what’s inside you and how serious you take yourself

Plus features that would be nice : big booty, coke bottle hip to waist ratio, entrepreneurial, creative, charismatic, leader of others, high sex drive, physically fit, famous, rich, accent

Absolute No No: excessive news watcher, critical or pessimistic attitude, victimhood,

People in the world that are close to this I have run across:

Mackenzie Dern


Sofia Vergara