The sickness started when I was pretty young. I don’t remember how old I was, but I was playing legos. After getting bored I was watching Joe Paterno’s Penn State play and something happened that changed my life. I saw LaVar Arrington time the snap count, and just straight jump over the offensive line for a tackle for loss. BREH. God showed me the light in that moment. How did one person have the anticipation, and the damn guts to take a risk like that? This game was on TV, what if he was totally wrong and looked like a complete idiot? For months I couldn’t stop thinking about the audacity of this play. I wanted to be like that. I wanted to take that risk. I don’t know how to say it, other than saying at that moment I became an entrepreneur. My freshman year in college I was killing it in football. My very first play of my college career I blocked a kick and I started to believe the hype. All my friends and girls would tell me how good I was and that was that. Little punk ass Flagstaff Arizona wasn’t high status enough for me. I decided to throw away my full scholarship and take the RISK of going to community college for a year with the hope of transferring to a school more fitting for my skill level. At community college thought I hurt my shoulder and I was sucking on the football field. Yo, one game against New Mexico Military Academy I didn’t even get on the field. Like literally a full scholarship balling to being on the bench at a community college. I remember that game looking back at the stands and seeing my parents and starting to cry. It was like I threw my life away. The next day I sent a mass text to all my friends from high school; “hey i want to start a clothing company and get the clothes on celebrities, if you know someone that would invest please write me back” — One of my friends Jake responded. He told me to come to his house that weekend to talk. Waving away the weed smoke out of my face we discussed the future. I wanted to kick off the company by throwing a concert… In an arena. I wanted to get E-40 or Lil Wayne. I know some of y’all are young, but at that time, The Dedication 2, Lil Wayne, The Father Like Son Lil Wayne was the same level as Elvis. You gotta understand, my football career is in the gutter, I had absolutely no money, but my God damn EYES WERE ON THE PRIZE. The absolute top of the mountain. I mean, I had success throwing house parties thats like the same thing right? Lol. Jake got caught up in my vision to rule the world and we decided to do the concert with Lil Wayne. And boom, like that, it was on. The concert went.. OK. We made out even but more importantly I got the taste of having money. My friend Jake fell in love with some girl, and decided to live a more normal life and join the Army.

I didn’t know what to do.

My parents had a rental house that was burned down and was recently rebuilt. I decided to move in and figure out how I was going to make my dreams happen. Me and Aj stayed in this house for close to a year. We basically didnt leave it, because we had no money and we were trying to learn our craft. The 'dark years' lol. I miss these days. When you are just grinding. But its innocent.  I had a mentor Bruce who was a manager for a girl group Prima J. He had some acts he was affiliated with that he didn’t have much time to work on. (Mija .. Now known be the famous Becky G and Gabriel Morales) Justin Bieber was the biggest thing in the world at the time so I told Bruce to let me create a Latin version. Luckily he did. Over the next year and a half I basically didn’t sleep. It was my mission in life to blow this project up… And it did. Gabe signed to Perez Hilton under a boy band called IM5, and I proved to myself that I could get crazy things done. With a stupid amount of money I got an office in Tempe, Arizona to have a place to build a team. I was very involved with 4 artists getting record deals, but really what ended up happening was falling into a relationship with a girl that I wasn’t ready to be with. We landed a huge marketing contract, I was making over 20k monthly, and I again began to believe I was larger than life. I ran off my best friend and business partner, didn't have the capability to communicate with my girlfriend, and quickly everything came crashing down.  The office got me into Entrepreneur Magazine though. lol. Relationships are pretty much everything when you are trying to start your own business. Every person you see is a symbol of success or your failure. I thank God for sending me amazing women in my life. From my mother, to the few close girlfriends I have had, I have won in that department. But the collapse of my time at my office in Tempe and being at the bottom yet again drove me to seek opportunity elsewhere. Like had to get out of the state. Luckily thru all the drama, I had an online business going. One of my clients Zach, was basically like a younger version of me. When we would speak I would get reenergized and pumped to to take on the business world and life. I was super happy to also show him the industry in the ways Bruce showed me years before. We knew each other for over a year and a half without meeting in person and we figure it was time to make it happen. (Its hella interesting meeting people you have known from online because just being in people's physical presence changes what you think about them. Its always wild to meet people and they are hella short or tall etc. lol.) We scheduled to meet in Los Angeles and a couple weeks before my Range Rover shocks went out. I was about to bail on the trip but figured it was best to get out of Phoenix, rather than just sitting around going crazy. After a few days doing business and making moves in NYC I decided I was moving there. I got back to Phoenix on a Thursday night, I turned in my Range Rover, I got rid of all my stuff, and moved into a girls house I met  a few days before. LOL HIGH RISK MANEUVER. I must have been a New Yorker in my past life. I loved it. Its like all of the cool people in the world are in one city.  New York has taught me very, very valuable things. Life is exciting and the journey to leave an impact on the world is one that is the greatest author could never express. Im going after Jay Z in business,  Kanye in creativity, with the passion of Dame Dash. Im excited for the now. Im excited for the future and its time to whip some ass.  Hit me up and lets make something happen!

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