"I did not come here to take part - I came here to take over."
Connor McGregor

The Intro

We all love stories so I might as will take you and tell you a little about mine, I was born February 13, 1987 to immigrant parents, both of my parents are from Nigeria and I was born in Phoenix AZ! and simply anybody that knows me knows I love it..

Though my first love was football, around 11 or 12 years old I saw an ad for Tony Hawk Pro Skater and I was hooked. From there I got really into skateboarding, music, and I started accepting the fact that I was different..

I ended up getting a scholarship to Northern Arizona University for football and while I was there initially hated myself! Quite honestly I felt I was too good of a football player to play at the program and after my freshman year of balling out I left.

I figured it would be better to go to a junior college and risk my whole career and scholarship and try to go to a higher level than to stay at a level of playing football that I knew was beneath me. (Im about that risk)

I was preseason All-American a lot of hype around me going into the season and I was feeling myself, One day and practice I tried to hit someone on a routine play, hurt my shoulder I couldn't really lift my left arm over my head for the rest of the year. I played the season like I was damaged goods. One day I had to sit out because of injury and I had been toying around in my head about starting a clothing company/skate brand, I sent out a mass text to my friends from high school.

"hey guys I'm going about starting a clothing company and I want to do concerts to bring attention to it, I need $"

Out of the thousands of contacts in my phone at the time only two people responded. One of them was more than my best friends from high school and he told me that he would help me out.

He ended up committing to giving us roughly a couple hundred thousand dollars to do the first big concert. As a season ended in Scottsdale I didn't have any scholarship offers and I had to go back to Flagstaff and beg to get back on the team. I got back on the team and started school again in Flagstaff while now putting together what would eventually end up being a Lil Wayne concert, it was a crazy time.

Before meetings and games I was texting a little Wayne's management talking to people you see on TV every day, being 20 years old with a couple hundred thousand dollars was quite an experience to say the least.

My coaches didn't start me on the football team until the guy in front of me got hurt one game and I got to play. God obviously shining down on me because once I got on the field everything possible went right. I was named national player of the week twice and I was a 3rd Team All America selection.

Towards the end of the season my focus started to shift towards doing the concert to make a long story short we ended up losing about $10,000 on a $30,000 concert which in all estimations is a win. People knew me, I made amazing connections, I learned about contracts and how things really worked in the industry.

From there we realized that getting into the marketing side of the industry was the ideal place to be, I mean Lil Wayne came to our town and affected thousands of lives and he was here for one hour and made $80,000. Lol

That's the smarter role to play rather than the promoter.

After years of study I launched Celebrity Bakery and we landed our first client for $75,000. The deposit check was $40,000 and at the time it was just crazy because it was more than people and I know make in a year I made it in one day. On one client.

Since then it's been pretty much failing forward I'm still in the process of becoming who I want to be and making my dream of being the guy put Phoenix on the map. I'm still doing the marketing thing and I've also developed a interest in real estate and currently pursuing them both and plan to join them together to really take my dreams to the next level.



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