The Arizona Cardinals Are Awesome, Except For 1 Thing


THEY GOT UGLY UNIFORMS Thats why they win so much all these teams are just scared. They are so ugly we had to apply to get a license to have the wackest jerseys in the NFL. The jerseys are so ugly, we probably sell the most alcohol in the NFL The jerseys are so ugly…

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What I Learned Trying To Holler At Girls At The Playboy Mansion


Trying Too Hard So I’m a young cat, in the Playboy Mansion, shit better be amazing. After all, I spent $1000 dollars to get in here. Lol. Needless to say I was on edge. I was nervous, I was too hyped. I figure I need to talk to every person in the place to make…

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All Celebrities Have Huge Heads Lol


Ok don’t take this blog post too seriously. But here are the stages people go thru to be who they are now. This is by no means scientific, but I thought about it for at least 30 minutes and I think its funny. Your favorite celebrity notices, he sucks at sports, he doesn’t really fit…

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How I Got Fat For A Second, Then Saved Myself


Back in high school, my whole life was football. Because of that I did 2 workouts after school! I had the team workout, then I drove from Tatum and the 101, to the I – 10 and Chandler for a second workout. Yea wild, like 45 minutes each way. Talk about commitment for a 16…

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3 Dumb Lies I Used To Tell Myself


1. Gotta get motivated to do things The reality is, that if I need to get motivated to do it, something is wrong. The one thing we have in life is the ability to choose what we spend our time on. So to putt frankly, motivation is bullshit. Time and consistency will beat motivation every…

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5 Random Facts About Gadsen Records


1. When I started Gadsen Records, I went out of my way to make it not look like some local rapper looking record label. Being a student of branding (shoutout David Ogilvy) I made specific choices to not use color in the logo, website, etc. The colors black and white can’t really offend anyone. Once…

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Party Like A Lawyer


A sad but true fact in life : There are people out there that want something for nothing. A sadder but true fact in life : Why not latch on to someone who’s doing something cool and make money off of it! When I did concert promotions I would run into this scenario everyday. I would…

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3 Types Of Love For The Modern Hustler


If you are some politically correct person, this isn’t for you. This is just my thoughts on things up until now in life. Here is a universal fact I have found about relationships. Love is a state of mind. Listen, if you are in a relationship or married for 30, 40, 50 years, theres probably…

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The Time I Called A Stranger For 6 Months


AS we were ramping up in the concert business I knew one thing. I wasn’t as smart and have the business savvy that I thought I did. Luckily, my parents always taught me to listen to my “elders”. An artist we put on the Lil Wayne show recently got a record deal with Warner Brothers…

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The $8,000 Lesson I Learned From Nipsey Hussle


In 2011, after being an apprentice for 3 years, I decided it was time to get things going for myself in the music business! I had some huge successes, and I had belief I could make it happen on my own. My mentor, Bruce Johnson, being the businessman that he is charged me to get…

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