Listen, I have been in your position. Knowing I had talent, skill, and ideas that could change the world if I just figured out how to get the right people to see me.

I also understand the pressure.

Do you goto college? Drop out of school? How do I explain to my parents what I want to do with my life etc.

Its hard. And to top it off, 99.99 percent of people fail at venturing out on your own.

In your life you can’t take the chance of it not going the way you plan it.

Luckily for me I was dealt cards that were in my favor I would be apart of the lucky 1 percent.

Growing up with very strict Nigerian American parents, at 15 my parents decided to move our family from the “southside” of Phoenix to the North Scottsdale area.

I went from riding the city bus everyday to seeing classmates drive BMW’s, Mercedes, and Range Rovers to school. Kids had 2 entrance gates to their neighborhoods, like a community guard, and a personal house gate.


Looking back, I learned valuable lessons from being thrown in that world from an early age.


As stupid and as fickle high schoolers are, in our society all never really change, of course we all grow up, but the gossip and under lying power principles and being ‘cool’ ultimately still are the goal for at least 75 percent of the population.

Not only must you win, but you must do it with grace.



You have no idea how many times I extended myself for people that I never should have.

Like you have no idea.

Cash, a place to live, spending nearly a decade trying to get someone to realize they have the potential to be great, to paying $1,000 cover to get into The Playboy Mansion for 2 dudes that tried to stab me in the back, let me tell you that your circle is everything.

Even if you have 1 friend, its better to have 1 true than to be around people that will ultimately crack under pressure and who do not live to the standard you have set for yourself.

Life is short, you will spend the majority of your time working, and if you are an entrepreneur you can’t try ventures or waste time with weaklings.

I cannot stress this enough.


My best friend from high school turned out to be my initial investor in my business conquest. He gave me $300,000 to book Lil Wayne in Tucson in January 2008.

Have I ever done anything in business at that point? No

Was I a multi millionaire? No, I had $414 to my name.

Why would he do it then? Because I treated my love, football, and my passions with a certain love and purity that is undeniable.

Purity, that is a strong word. Anyone that loves what they do has taken the time to learn everything about it. EVERYTHING.

In business when I say respect everyone, I mean respect masters. Those who have put in the 10,000 hours into the craft and becoming the absolute best they can be.

Even though at the time I was financially weak, my time and study into attaining my goals showed.

After doing the Lil Wayne concert, a few months later my friend who invested decided to join the Army. Not only that football season was rolling around in a few months and I had to leave town to go back to college. Though it would be tough I decided to continue the business. I could get through the season, school, and whatever else came up because at that time i could smell the blood in the water. I had a taste to the business and the impact I could have on it and I instantly knew this was my life calling.

The next school year was tough going from entrepreneur and star football player to being blamed for the collapse of the best start in our schools history.

In hindsight I thank god my senior football season didn’t finish as well as it started. I met a mentor that showed me the ropes of the entertainment business. I got to work on Gabriel Morales’s project by myself for a year, eventually getting him a record deal in 14 months. I had a chance to focus on my new playing field, the music business, and I would still say I am ‘working out’ for my time to shine.

From then I spent ‘3 summers’ learning and studying everything I could about the business and its future.

Im going to be leading one of the biggest companies in the business as time progresses and my goal is to help 100 creative people per year make $50,000 on whatever art or project they have.

Power without organization is anarchy.

Lets implement the process and structure I have developed to take your idea to the next level.

Before you contact me please understand I adhere to one major principle:

1. Life is short and I hate weakness.

So if you want to work on a project, please don’t waste time like many creative people do.

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A few highlights:


All State Football - Cornerback and Running Back - 2005

January 2008

Lil Wayne - Tucson Takeover

Fall 2008

3rd Team All American - Safety - NAU Football

Mid 2009

Navajo Explosion w/ Baby Bash

Mid 2011

Started Gadsen Records

Mid 2011

Started working with Gabriel Morales


Collaborated with Nipsey Hussle


First Major Marketing Client - $45000

Opened The Tzu media facility in Tempe

Photoshoot in Turkey
The Tzu Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Started Working On The Soundkillers


First Major Artist Single Launch


Artists Up Next Radio Launch

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